Reinvent your style in just 15 minutes, your stylist will use their creativity and work their magic using one of our heated tools to create your choice of curl or silky straight look.


Wash & Blowdry

Sit back and enjoy a relaxing head massage & hot towel service before your hair is styled to perfection by your stylist.



Don’t let your special occasion be ruined with the stress of not knowing what to do with your hair. Come in to the salon and use our iPad's to pick out an on trend up-style.


Now relax. Your creative stylist will be in their element making your hair fabulous for your special event.

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Whether you are new to Synergy Hair or already part of the Synergy Hair family, we take great pride in getting to know you, your hair and any issues you may have with it. We will work together making sure we create your dream style, as well as teach you how to maintain this yourself at home.

Women’s Wash, Cut and Blowdry

Come in and use our iPad's to look at the latest haircuts.

Your stylist will look at your face shape, hair type and help you in finding what is going to work best for you.


After an in-depth consultation with your stylist, you will then experience a relaxing hair wash including head massage and a hot towel before your chosen hair cut is crafted and styled.


We will also give you a blow drying lesson in how to maintain this at home, helping you achieve your desired look every day.

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We always recommend you book in for a complimentary consultation before deciding on your colour.

This way you can liaise with your colourist to choose the best option for your desired look.


If you want 100% coverage then this is the method for you.Have your roots touched up or opt for an all over colour.

Give Synergy Hair a call today to discuss your current colour situation and what colour you want to achieve.


* Full head             * Full head + Tint

* Half Head          * ½ head + Tint

      * T-section           * T-section + Tint



Foiling is a technique that can be altered and personalised for you.

We can use this method to lighten or darken the hair with varied techniques.

If you are after a soft, natural and subtle look then we recommend foiling.


We weave the hair to insure when your hair grows through the regrowth is less noticeable.

The great thing about foils is anything is possible; it can achieve the most natural looks as well as on trend bold statements.


Choose from a full head, half head or T-section for this type of look.

If you are wanting 100% coverage but with lighter/multi-tonal pieces then we recommend foiling with a tint in-between.


Ombre is a customised & detailed free hand technique in which the hair is graduated in tone from dark at the top, to light at the ends.

Ombre can be very subtle or very striking. The look you want to achieve will depend on the technique and level of lightness.


Balayage is a customised service in which we use a freehand sweeping technique to add soft, subtle dimension to the hair.

Perfect for that sun kissed low maintenance look.

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